About Woven bags factory

-Woven bags factory is a one of Arabian milling and food industries Company, Which was established in 2006, extended in 2010 and production capacity increased in 2013. For supplying Arabian and food industries factories with woven bags and also the external customer

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Factory divisions:

1) 2 Tapes production lines

1st: Taiwan (YAOTA Co.)

2nd: Indian (LOHIA Co.)

With total production capacity about 500 tons per month.

2) 80 circular looms

3) 5 Auto cutting and sewing machines from Taiwan (2 companies Yoata and Botheven) with total production capacity about 5.000.000 bags per month.

44 looms: Taiwan (YAOTA)

24 looms: Indian (LOHIA)

12 looms: Austrian (Starlinger)

With total fabric production capacity about 5.000.000 meter per month.

4) 5 printing machines.

*3 printing machines (bag by bag) 4 colors, 3- colors and one color (Taiwan) Starlinger)

*2 roll to roll printing machines, the first has 4-colors and the other has 6-colors (Both from Taiwan).

5) 1 lamination machine (Taiwan) with a lamination capacity about 2.000.000 meters per month.

6) 1 Baby lofil machine to produce sewing machine yarn with capacity about 12 tons per month (Indian).

7) 1 recycling machine (KOWIN, Taiwan)


Factory carefully carries out selective regulation in compliance with products quality standards ,to ensure the highest quality of the products , according to local and international specifications and the clients' needs , and according to the food safety requirements ,and the quality control shall be made in each step of the manufacturing process , starting from the raw materials passing through the products quality in the production lines during manufacturing , and finally on the finished product , through specialized labs supplied with the latest equipment designated for monitoring and measurement , and trained workers , in order to maintain quality and safety of the product.


- Woven bags with different sizes and colors for products like flour, rice, feeds, soya beans pasta and other products.

- laminated woven bags to prevent products from moisture and water.