About Pasta Factory

Pasta factory was established in (2017) as one of the Arabian Milling and Food Industries Company, as a concern of Salah Abo-Donkul Companies for participating in the national economic development, and providing the best products in order to serve the Egyptian consumer.

Due to the local and global demand increase of the our products, the company has keened for a new expansion and adding two production lines of short macaroni, one from (ANSELMO®) Italian company with production capacity 3.5 tons/h, and the other from the Swiss (BUHLER®) company with a production capacity 6.5 tons/h, thus the production capacity reaches 22 tons/hour.

The factory have a two advanced modern technology production lines manufactured by the Swiss (BUHLER®) company; (long production line) for Spaghetti Pasta production with production capacity 5.5tons/hour for, and (Short Pasta Production line) with production capacity 6.5 tons/hour for producing 25 shapes of Pasta.

Packaging is carried out through an Italian packaging machines supplied by (Ricciarelli ®, Stiavelli® & Selematic®)companies including 26 packaging machine which work automatically to ensure the best quality and safety of the product.

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Factory Divisions

Receiving materials zone and Silos’ storage capacity

Raw materials (Wheat Flour / SEMOLINA) are transported directly from company mills through the flour transfer line automatically, or through receiving them by vehicles designed for this (Bulk trucks) to the storage silos inside the factory which has 130 tons storage capacity.

Production lines

Production mechanism provided is characterized by high technology which ensures the consistency of the product quality through the production stages, and protection of the product from contamination.

Pasta manufacturing passes through stages which include: Kneading, Formation, Waxing, Primary Drying, Final Drying, and Cooling.


Company carefully carries out selective regulations in compliance with the products quality standards, to ensure the highest quality of the products, according to local and international specifications and the clients' needs, and according to the food safety requirements, and the quality control is carried out in each step of the manufacturing process, starting from the raw materials passing through the products quality on the production lines during manufacturing, and finally on the finished product, through specialized labs supplied with the latest equipment designated for monitoring and measurement, and trained workers, in order to maintain quality and safety of the product .


Products are packed in packages made of safe Polyethylene or Polyethylene packages designated for packaging of food products, considering compliance with food safety requirements of products packaging, transport and storage processes.

Packs of the high quality pasta product varies according to the consumer need which range from 300 gms, 350 gms, 400 gms, 450 gms, 500 gms, 800 gms, 1 kgm, 5 kgm, 10kgm and 20kgm with various trademarks .


The product ready for storage are delivered automatically to the factory stores, which use racks system, where the storage capacity reaches 3000 tons, as well as the company owns stores spread all over the republic to ensure provision of the product to all our clients at all times.