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Burg El-Arab Mill Production Lines

Production lines
Production lines in the mill are automatically running PLC system is fully supplied from Buhler company is divided into three production lines with a total production capacity of 1,000 tons per day Two lines to produce wheat flour the capacity of the line 350 tons of wheat per day for the various types of milling wheat A third line for producing semolina with capacity of 300 tons per day milling Durum wheat with a specially designed for the production of various types of semolina with any specification required The mill is equipped with modern mixing device in order to blend between the different types of wheat flour as well as to add several types of improvers and additives according to the specification of the flour produced wheat receiving section : Is designed to receive the wheat with a capacity of 6000 tons per day and to make primary cleaning to the all amount of received wheat for easy storage in metal or concrete silos. Cleaning and dampening section : specially designed by supplier company (Buehler Swiss) to ensure that the different mixtures of raw wheat commensurate with customer demand. Including mixing with any ratio between more than one type of raw wheat with a total internal storage capacity 2500 ton.
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