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10th Ramadan Mill

The laboratories of the company are concerned with the analysis of the raw materials (wheat) incoming to the company and the products as (flour, semolina, bran...etc.) to maintain them to reach the local and international standards. There are several types of analysis occurred in the labs. Like chemical & rheological analysis and bakery test. In which instrumental and classic tests are used. Chemical analyses are used for determination of the chemical components of wheat, flour….etc, in which international standards of analyses are used. (Protein and Acidity...etc.) determinations are examples of the chemical analyses occurred. ( Test Wight, 1000 charnels, total impurities ...etc.) from classical tests done to the wheat. Ash and moisture are examples of classical ones of wheat and flour. Rheological tests determinate the quality of the dough, are obtained by common instruments which have worldwide use like Alveograph and mixo lab...etc. and Farinograph . The labs. have number of instruments which give actual and fast results as Falling Number and Gluten (moisture analyzer Inframatic ...etc Labs.’ Instruments and tests have Periodic calibrations by accredited organizations for calibration. There laboratory and quality control Department team had the best engineers with expertise and high efficiency and with the highest training to carry out quality control
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