About 10th of Ramadan Mills

Due to the increasing demand for products of Arabian Milling and Food Industries Company because of its high quality, the company desires to expand its business all over the Arab Republic of Egypt, thus, the company has purchased and developed 10th of Ramadan Mill in 2009 which has been established using SATAKY® technology.

Receiving materials and storage capacity

Wheat is received through receiving holes with a capacity of 400 tons/hour, and a primary cleaning is occurring to the entire quantity as a preliminary step before storage either in the metal or concrete silos.

Cleaning and dampening department has been designed for guaranteeing making typical mixtures of raw wheat, according to the quality requirements and the clients' needs.

The received wheat is stored in 10 metal silos with an overall capacity reaching (40000) tons.

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Production lines

Factory production lines work automatically using PLC system, which is divided into two production lines with production capacity 500 tons wheat/day ,distributed as follows:-

- Two production lines with production capacity 250 tons of wheat/day each for milling various types of wheat in order to produce the best quality flour with 72% extraction for the purposes of bakery, biscuits and pasta production… etc..

The factory is provided with high technology insects' killer device (Entoleter) to get rid of insects' phases, as a preventive procedure for maintaining food safety.

The factory is supplied with micro feeders for adding wheat flour improvers and additives.


The Factory carefully carries out selective regulations in compliance with the products quality standards, to ensure the highest quality of the products ,according to local and international specifications and the clients' needs , and according to the food safety requirements , and the quality control shall be made at each step of the manufacturing process, starting from the raw materials passing through the products quality in the production lines during manufacturing ,and finally on the finished product, through specialized labs supplied with the latest equipment designated for monitoring and measurement, and trained workers, in order to maintain quality and safety of the product .


Production of all types of luxurious flour 72% purity conforming to the local and international market, in addition to production of demanded special flour specifications.

Also other products like:-

All types of bran (Coarse-Fine –Pollards- mixtures)

Best quality semolina wheat for desserts production.

In addition to Wheat Germ.


Two product stores with high specifications for safety and storage conditions, one for flour with a storage capacity of 1500 tons and the other for storage of bran with a capacity of 1000 tons.